Memories of You

Memories of you
Long dark hair covering your face as you twirl me in your arms
Your words warm with laughter,
I'm taking you to Paris my darling
And me
Looking at you with big brown eyes
Not knowing, yet
Memories of you
Face against the cold window
Staring outside
Trees running too fast, the train
unable to keep up
And me
Asleep in your arms
Lulled by the song of the tracks
Memories of you
Gare de Lyon, you said
Spring in your step,
Young, free, and happier than I've seen you in years
And me
Pulling along a little suitcase
Trying to keep up
Memories of you
Up the narrow stairs of an old hotel in the Latin Quarter
And me
Following the ruffles of your skirt
Counting steps, too many
Memories of you
Coffee in one hand, the other messing up my hair
Cold morning air through the open window
Wake up, little one, this day is waiting to be devoured
And me
Squinting at the wrought iron outside the window
Stretching lazily
Not understanding your hurry
Memories of you
My favorite gardens in the entire city, you say
Dust on your little shoes
Steps barely touching the ground you walk on
Happy and free
And me
Eyes wide open
Taking in the sights and sounds of the city
Memories of you
Dancing on a bridge at sunset
Accordion music, balm on the soul
And me,
Wishing I could see you like this forever
Memories of you
Quiet steps on cobblestone streets
Darkness over the city
Melancholy creeping under your lashes
Squeezed out in a couple of tears
Time to go home, my baby
And me
Holding that hand
Thoughts of eternity taken into the night
Memories of you
Hospital gown on your tiny body
In a bed too large for you now
And you whisper
Take me back to Paris
I'll get better there
And me
Walking once again in your favorite gardens
Looking for you in every pebble I kick
In every leaf I watch falling
In every voice that calls, come to me baby
But there's no you.