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Two Refreshing Cocktails For Apéro Hour

- a guest blog post by Amaka Azuka (IG: @sugarhammock)

Strawberry Grenadine Ginger Spritz © Amaka Azuka (IG: @sugarhammock)

This week's Instagram star is Amaka Azuka (IG: @sugarhammock). The owner of a creative photography studio, she delivers custom visual content for the food and hospitality industry, having worked with brands such as Edwart Chocolatier, Les Grands Verres at the Palais de Tokyo, and Hôtel Le Pavillon de la Reine (a place near and dear to my heart, and worthy of its own blog post). Her photography is breathtaking and I often find myself scrolling through her posts just to admire the beauty she creates, and to get inspired for my own work.

She kindly offered to create and photograph a couple of cocktail recipes for all of you to enjoy this summer. Thank you, Amaka!

"It was first in France that I heard about Grenadine, a red, fruity, almost dare I say, saccharine-like syrup added to many a cocktail, and a flavour so well-known on the Parisian terraces and bars. It is a flavour that I have come to associate with summertime in Paris and so this year, with the delayed opening of the terraces and uncertain weather as always, I decided to bring the apéro-hour home."

Strawberry Grenadine Ginger Spritz © Amaka Azuka (IG: @sugarhammock)

Strawberry Grenadine Ginger Spritz 250ml Ginger Ale (can substitute with ginger beer but will give a much stronger flavour) 2 Tbsp Grenadine Squeeze of Lemon (add more for extra tartness)


Chopped Strawberries for garnishing

"For those looking for a nostalgic flavour reminiscent of poolside holiday cocktails, this cocktail/mocktail has a definite sweeter edge, although this can certainly be tempered by adding more lemon. A fancier twist would include a white wine or rosé in place of the Ginger Ale (similar to a classic kir)."

Grenadine Lime Tonic © Amaka Azuka (IG: @sugarhammock)

Grenadine Lime Tonic 3 Tbsp Grenadine 30ml/ 2Tbsp Fresh Lime Juice 250ml Flavoured Tonic Water (Like Schweppes Agrume) "This is a fantastically refreshing but simple cocktail you can make with ingredients you probably already have at home. The flavoured tonic water can be switched out for any other carbonated drink of your choice. The lime adds a complementary zing to the sweetness of the grenadine syrup. Enjoy over ice garnished with a wedge of lime."


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